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Buffalo Creek Taxidermy Pricing Policy

At Buffalo Creek Taxidermy, we take pride in our work and strive to provide the best possible product and service to our customers. When it comes to pricing, many taxidermy studios set their prices based on their competition or the market average price for a particular mount. Basically, this means that they must set a price, and then produce a mount that they can produce within that limit of material cost and labor value. To meet these prices, others may use low quality forms and glues, dry preserved skins, plastic eyes, or are forced to spend less time on the details of each mount.

At Buffalo Creek Taxidermy, we take a different approach. We constantly look for the best possible materials and methods that we feel meet our goal of providing the highest quality, most lifelike, and long-lasting mount possible. We then take the time needed to ensure every mount detail meets our high standard. Our mammal mounts feature authentically tanned skins, high quality glass eyes, and the highest quality materials and latest techniques..

When Buffalo Creek Taxidermy finds a product or method that improves the quality of the finished mount we pride ourselves in putting our quality ahead of our prices. At Buffalo Creek Taxidermy, we set our pricing structure based on the quality of materials we use and the amount of time we put into a mount.

Please contact us directly, by phone, or e-mail so that we can discuss the specific details of your mount.